Within us, there’s a veil that separates the physical from the non-physical, the body from the soul, the seeker from the truth.

That is the home of the Inner Muse.


The Inner Muse is an exploration of two distinct worlds: ancient wisdom and inner wisdom.

Upon close examination, we discover there is no boundary between them, but a timeless cord running through.

Reading Guides

Comprehensive summaries on esoteric works

Discernment Series

Wisdom and teachings on your path of discernment


The 3D World vs. Our Inner World

Unlocking layers of our reality Higher Self, Inner Self, Physical Self, Astral Self. They are all of us, intertwined by the common thread of being who we are. It’s a lifelong journey to find out that we belong to more than just one. What’s surprising is discovering that these worlds are not separate, but only…

A Different Perspective on Wealth

What if wealth had nothing to do with a dollar amount? The way we spend our money is temporal, and disappears as quickly as it came. What you own in monetary form is designed to be exchanged, designed to disappear as quickly as it came. That item of clothing or experience you exchange it for…

How to activate your greatest gift

It requires the purest of heart. Image source unknown Your greatest gift will challenge you to accept all of who you are. It will ask you to choose yourself, over and over again. Your gifts are often hidden under unhealed trauma, false programs and belief systems. Coming into acceptance of your gifts is not something…

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